Hanwha Techwin Unveils Wisenet WAVE 5.0 Video Management System for the Future of Video Surveillance

Latest version of Hanwha’s Wisenet VMS expands its focus on cybersecurity, system usability
and new interactivity capabilities.

Teaneck, NJ, August 8, 2022 – Hanwha Techwin, a global supplier of intelligent video surveillance solutions, is responding to the changing needs of security professionals and system integrators with a significantly updated version of its Wisenet WAVE Video Management Software (VMS). Version 5.0 expands the platform’s focus on cybersecurity, system usability, and convenience and interactivity. Thus, giving users a surveillance foundation for today and for the future.

“A VMS platform is the heart of a video surveillance network system,” said Ramy Ayad, Director of Product Management at Hanwha Techwin. “The devices that connect to it are increasingly sophisticated and multi-functional. A VMS system needs to continually evolve its capabilities to keep pace and exceed user requirements. This version 5.0 marks the continuing evolution of our WAVE platform as the future-proof solution security professionals need.”

Key new features of Wisenet WAVE 5.0 VMS include:

  • Advanced Object Search - Operators can now search for objects identified by analytics and stored in video archives by specific attributes (object type, color, gender, age, clothing), viewable in a new pop-out window.
  • Metadata-driven Archive Backup - Users can configure backups of video archives based on associated system metadata, including motion, bookmarks, or objects, in addition to real-time, scheduled, or on-demand backups.
  • Web Page Proxy via Servers - Local device or on-premise application web pages can be proxied via the Server application and viewed via a remote connection.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) - Cloud-connected systems can now use two-factor authentication (2FA) as a system-wide setting requiring all users with cloud accounts to use an authentication app for access. Cloud supports Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator or Duo Mobile.
  • Resource Grouping - Operators can group resources (cameras, streams, encoders, web pages) in the Desktop client to create roles and permissions, and for faster navigation of large systems.
  • Audio Mapping - Operators can assign audio capabilities from different devices. For example, an audio source from a camera or I/O module with a microphone can be used as an audio source for another camera, or a two-way audio button can be placed on a camera without a microphone and used with a different camera with an attached speaker.
  • Desktop Client Automatic Updates - The Desktop client is no longer tied to the Server or WAVE Sync Cloud applications when updating to a later version. When enabled, the Desktop client will download updates in the background and prompt users to restart and receive the latest version. Users can also choose to disable the auto-update option.
  • Encrypted Archives - Archives will be encrypted and viewable only in the desktop, mobile, and web clients. Works on any hard drive or storage medium.
  • Server Web Admin Interface Redesign - The Server Web Admin interface now allows administrators to add and remove users, as well as view detailed information about servers, cameras, and licenses.
  • Video Preview Thumbnails - In Windows and MacOS desktop clients, users can now hover over the timeline to preview videos thumbnails.
  • More Secured Connections - VMS Server connections use SSL/TLS Certificate pinning to prevent “man-in-the-middle” attacks. VMS Servers and Clients also use new session-based (bearer token) authentication by default.

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About Hanwha Vision America

Hanwha Vision (formerly Hanwha Techwin) has been leading the global video surveillance industry with world-class optical design, image processing and cybersecurity technologies for more than 30 years. As it broadens its business to become a global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision will deliver more valuable and meaningful insights to customers by collecting key information and providing big data analytics utilizing AI and cloud technologies.

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