A Hanwha Vision Communication

July 2023 –

Hello HVA team,

With summer now in full swing, I hope you and your family are taking some time to enjoy vacations and staying healthy. It’s a perfect time to review our successes during the past six months. I'm glad we closed the first half so strongly, an achievement that’s due to everyone’s efforts.

We saw growth in every key region: 20% in North America and 9% in Latin America, year-over-year based on net sales-in. Significantly, Canada grew by 50%.

Given that the economic outlook was not so positive and considering we didn’t introduce many new products in the first half, I’m encouraged by this level of performance. We are confident the second half of 2023 will be even better, especially with key new product launches that will drive sales and profits.

HVA's total sales are expected to exceed $550M in 2023, a significant increase over our original long-term projections. In a few years, we should reach $1B in sales if we maintain our current growth rate.

I’m also excited about expanding Hanwha’s presence in Latin America. Our first sales subsidiary in Mexico City, Hanwha Vision Mexico, officially opened its doors on July 1, and construction has started on the continent’s first Hanwha Innovation and Technology Experience (HITE). With continuous growth and increasing market share from our LATAM team, I hope we can create more of our own subsidiaries in different countries over time.

I will support ongoing investments in the company to continually strengthen our resources and capabilities. Our plans include acquiring more talent, building new HITEs in North America, and automating more systems to enhance work efficiency.

I'd like to thank all HVA members for their hard work and commitment to the company's success. I am excited to see how our second half and the future unfold.

Savor these successes, enjoy the summer and let's keep up the good work!


Mr. C.H. Ha, President, Hanwha Vision America


HTA YTD Net Sales (sell-in)

Dollars in mil.

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A View From the Top

Hanwha Vision hosted its exclusive Innovation Summit in May, bringing together a select group of industry colleagues, customers, and partners from different verticals to help guide the development and direction of Hanwha Vision solutions. During the Summit’s three days, attendees shared candid opinions about their security needs and the future of surveillance technology. Here’s what some attendees had to say, “it was eye opening,” “I got a better understanding of where Hanwha is going with their technology and how to leverage it,” and “it’s all about trust and relationships and this event helps build both.”

See a recap of the Summit below.


Making an Accurate Impression

Jeremy Whang, Jason Park, and Dan Gonzalez of the Hanwha Vision WAVE PM team recently proved there’s no substitute for in-person collaboration when managing a key account. The trio’s recent visit to Accurate Controls went a long way toward deepening Hanwha’s new relationship with the recognized leader in security automation systems for correctional, judiciary, law enforcement and related applications.

Accurate had been a long-time Bosch dealer, contributing annual revenues of $6 to 8 million before Hanwha successfully converted them in 2022. We’re already on a strong pace to replicate that 7-figure business, and maintaining the level of personal attention that Accurate had grown accustomed to is integral to the partnership’s long-term success.

During the recent visit, Dan delivered an exceptional WAVE VMS presentation, sharing valuable insights, engaging in active discussions, gathering feedback, and discussing new feature requests. Jeremy and Jason spent time in the Accurate lab, lending their expertise to successfully resolving challenges with the UART Bridge software.

Our team clearly demonstrated to Accurate how important they are in shaping the Hanwha product roadmap. They also left a lasting positive impression on Accurate’s senior management, especially CEO T.J. Rogers who noted, “While every company encounters challenges, what truly sets a company apart is how they deal with those issues…” adding that Hanwha has been exceptionally responsive to their needs in this regard.

Congratulations Jeremy, Jason, and Dan. Your dedication and expertise have strengthened this partnership and will play a vital role in its progress.

A New Application for Automation

We all want to work smarter, and the Hanwha Vision IT team has found a new way with the “HVA POS Sales Application.” This new app, the result of a project led by IT Manager Danny Yang, automates many POS analysis tasks that were previously handled manually, ultimately adding new efficiencies, and reducing errors.

Creating the app began with leveraging POS sell-out data provided by distributors, building a robust POS sales database that serves as the foundation for the new application. From there, it’s a three-step process. Data sources including raw POS, Ship & Debit, and Sugar Quote/Split are uploaded and processed to generate refined 1st POS data, which is reviewed and validated for each distributor. Next, this data is integrated with essential elements such as the Product list, Step Level, Zip code, and Sell-in data to create 2nd POS data. Finally, the HVA POS Sales application empowers users to generate commission reports effortlessly.

Now, the team can provide a wider range of reports through Power BI using POS Sales data with greater accuracy and speed.

The POS Sales application has already demonstrated its efficiency successfully reducing overall task completion time from about three weeks to now only one week. Thanks Danny and the IT team for creating and implementing this advanced solution!

Everyone Needs Support

David Reyes, Juan Mateo, and Chris Helmstetter are putting in extra time to earn their Linux Plus certification, creating their own study group and meeting every Sunday for about two hours. Their commitment to supporting each other’s professional growth deserves recognition.

Andres Davila runs weekly training sessions for newer employees to cover troubleshooting methods, key product features, and preferred configurations for Hanwha products. Andres’ training approach has provided team members with more tools for supporting our products and the increased confidence needed to handle advanced support requests, leading to faster and more complete resolutions.


Taking Care of Business

Kathy Ferrari has been going above and beyond, working every weekend dropping orders for the Kansas City warehouse (KCC) to prepare and ship out. The warehouse team has also been putting in weekend hours to process orders. Due to our volume and lack of space at KCC, we had to employ another temporary warehouse to store extra shipping containers, adding manual steps to the order process since we had to turn off the built-in automation. Kathy not only handles our largest account – ADI – she also supervises the team and has been training two new customer service professionals in the first half. When asked to support the order process during the weekend she always responds with, “No problem, I will take care of it.” Without Kathy’s extra efforts, our product orders could not be met.

Scaling to New HITEs

When something works … expand it. That’s what Hanwha Vision is doing with its Hanwha Innovation and Technology Experience, better known as the “HITE.”  The concept started in our Teaneck, N.J. headquarters and has become such a popular and effective resource that plans are already underway to open two new locations in Irvine, CA and Houston, TX.

Following the original HITE model, both sites will showcase current Hanwha surveillance products plus a preview of future vision solutions, all presented through interactive demonstrations, videos, in-person/remote presentations, and certification classes. The new sites will also have a modular infrastructure allowing sections to be easily changed to highlight new topics and business directions.

Since opening in March 2022, the Teaneck HITE has hosted hundreds of tours, events, and training sessions, and has even helped to secure new business opportunities. We’re confident the two new sites will recreate this success while adding new dimensions to the HITE concept.

With the design phase for each new location now concluded, construction and build-out will begin shortly. Below are design renderings for the Irvine location. We’ll announce target opening dates soon, but let your customers know the HITE experience is coming soon to a location near them!



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