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Video Surveillance for Casinos and Gaming

Smart video solutions for casinos and gaming

Securing your casino or gaming venue has never been easier thanks to Hanwha Vision’s state-of-the-art line of surveillance cameras and cutting-edge technologies. Our wide array of cameras makes it simple to cover money routes, entryways, and the gaming floor, and our solutions can seamlessly integrate with your existing IP system.

Let us help you choose the right solutions for your venue.

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Don’t roll the dice with your video security system

Built for round-the-clock coverage

Utilize Hanwha Vision’s diverse line of casino cameras and technologies to cover every inch of your venue. From PTZ to multi-sensor units, we have the solutions for your needs.

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Gaming Floor

  • Entry points
    • People counting analytics to provide statistical information based on individuals detected entering or exiting pre-defined areas.
    • Object detection and BestShot technology to capture and log metadata on patrons
    • Easily view entire lobby with a single high-resolution fisheye camera
  • Table games and slot machines
    • PTZ smoke dome cameras to move across gaming floor and discreetly follow subjects of interest
    • Dial in shots on slot machines and table games to be able to read the reels and asset numbers


Banking Areas

  • Overviews of hallways
  • Mandated coverage of vendor check-in
  • Mandated audio in count rooms and Medical
  • Coverage of key control
  • Coverage of entry to Surveillance, Security, and IT



  • Hotel Check-In
    • View two areas with a single dual-head, multi-sensor camera installation
    • Discreet and low-profile camera designs
    • Queue management analytics alert managers and staff to long lines
  • Hallways, elevators, and public areas
    • Multi-sensor panoramic camera solutions to monitor areas without blind spots with a single device
    • Corner mount anti-ligature cameras are specifically designed for use in applications that require a secure and hardened camera installation


Parking Lot

  • License plate recognition technology for monitoring parking lots, garages and loading docks
  • Industry-leading low-light performance with eXtreme WDR technology
  • Equipped with loitering detection analytics
  • Durable vandal-resistant dome and bullet-style cameras also available


Security Command Center

  • Back-of-house
    • View forensic evidence from anywhere with an internet connection with scalable IP video management and NVR solutions
    • Monitor entire facility using your existing VMS system or Wisenet WAVE
    • Remotely adjustable camera fields of view – even after installation is complete
    • Available in 2MP and 5MP models with modular designs for easy upgrades


Money Routes

  • Eliminate blind spots with multi-sensor cameras to secure route from cage to armored cars
  • License plate recognition and loitering detection to monitor suspicious activity
  • Facial recognition and BestShot technology for vendor check-in
  • PTZ and multi-sensor cameras for full coverage of entry to Surveillance, Security, and IT

Protecting casinos nationwide:

High-performance casino security cameras

Hanwha Vision offers unmatched casino surveillance systems. Whether you are looking for 4K resolution, AI video analytics, or multi-sensor technology, our line of high-performance security cameras offers options for any use case.


Q series

Sharp image quality with H.265 compression with intelligent video analytics, Wide Dynamic Range, Built-in IR, Hallway View, and WiseStream II.

A Series

A series

The Wisenet A series product line includes cost-effective camera and NVR solutions equipped with the essential functionality that casino and gaming security professionals demand.


PTZ cameras

With the ability to move in all directions and zoom in and out, PTZ cameras provide versatile solutions for your casino.

P Series

Multi-directional cameras

Multi-sensor IP security cameras use a single cable – eliminating the need for complex and costly installations.


Panoramic cameras

Providing an ultra-wide field of view from a single device, with up to 220° of viewing angle.


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Talk with a Casinos and Gaming Security Expert

Tap into the future of casino security with AI

Everyone is a winner with our reliable technology

By being able to distinguish vehicles and humans from other objects, Wisenet cameras with edge-based AI analytics reduce the occurrence of false alarms derived from the use of motion detection while increasing operational efficiencies in forensic review.

Best Shot

Meilleur tir

Get a snapshot of detected objects in real-time along with all captured metadata for easy identification.

Object Detection

Object Detection

Humans and vehicles are classified with a listing of detected attributes as searchable metadata.

WiseStream III

Using AI, WiseStream III applies compression rates, reducing bandwidth while maintaining image quality.

Create customizable analytics zones and event-based alarms

With customizable analytics zones and event-based alarms, Hanwha Vision’s license-free video analytics suite reduces the frequency of false alarms while increasing the efficiency of forensic review.


Détection facial: Identifie les principales caractéristiques du visage et émet des alertes lorsqu'un visage est présent


Détection de franchissement de ligne virtuelle : Déclenche une alarme lorsque des objets sont détectés traversant une ligne ou un périmètre virtuel prédéfini


Détection de vagabondage : Déclenche un événement lorsqu'un objet entre et repose dans une zone virtuelle désignée


Détection d'intrusion: Déclenche un événement lorsqu'un mouvement est détecté dans une zone virtuelle désignée


Détection entrée/sortie : Détection d'objets entrant ou sortant d'une zone désignée


Détection d'apparition/disparition : Détecte l'apparition ou la disparition d'un élément dans une zone virtuelle désignée


Analyse audio : Détecte et identifie le bruit des explosions, des coups de feu, des cris et des bris de verre

Play it safe

Improved safety and security for guests and staff means a better environment at your establishment. Monitor suspicious players, full gaming floors, entryways, and more by utilizing our wide range of dynamic security cameras.

WDR extrême

Improve washed-out imagery so you can see detailed objects, like card faces, clearly in any lighting with Wide Dynamic Range technology.

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Reconnaissance de plaque d'immatriculation

Enhance your facility’s security by logging license plate numbers as they enter and exit parking or restricted areas.

Cybersecurity peace of mind

Hanwha Vision security cameras offer the highest cybersecurity possible with unique certificates embedded into every device during each phase of the manufacturing process. This results in a cybersecurity policy that satisfies stringent UL CAP standards as well as our own requirements for product reliability and design innovation.

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Heavy-hitting technology integrations

Hanwha Vision cameras are natively compatible with most popular video management solutions via ONVIF protocol or SUNAPI plug-in drivers. Utilize camera data for autonomous checkout, wait times, heat mapping, AI analytics, and more.


NDAA compliance

All Hanwha Vision cameras, components, and systems are NDAA compliant, are manufactured in our own facilities and many qualify for sale under the TAA and GSA guidelines.


Warranty and firmware support

Hanwha Vision warrants to the original purchaser that our products are free from defects for a period of three years, and addresses security vulnerabilities with firmware updates for up to five years.

Need help choosing the right products for your venue?

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