Wisenet Firmware

  • Firmware is essential software contained in a hardware product, such as an IP camera or recorder. Keeping firmware up-to-date is an important life-cycle task to ensure that you have the latest features as well as cybersecurity enhancements. This keeps your products running at their best, while keeping your device and network safe and secure. Hanwha always provides firmware updates free of charge. Please review our Firmware Update Policy for more information.
  • Hanwha offers two options to obtain the latest officially supported firmware:
    • Option 1 - We recommend using Wisenet Device Manager to download the most current firmware & update devices in bulk. View the video of Wisenet Device Manager performing a firmware upgrade here.
    • Option 2 - Download the current officially supported firmware from our product pages or by using the SEARCH function, then select the firmware from the Downloads tab of the desired product.
  • If you need to access older firmware, Hanwha maintains a repository of our legacy firmware in our Firmware Archive.
  • Legacy firmware is subject to limited support and should be used only for integration or troubleshooting purposes.
  • Included with each firmware download is the SHA256 checksum to validate the integrity of the file, as well as the Release Notes describing the updates in the firmware. Firmware files are downloaded as .ZIP files. Please extract the files before attempting to update the firmware.  Hanwha recommends that you refer to the README file inside the ZIP or the posted Release Notes before installing any firmware updates. Improperly upgraded firmware can result in irrevocable damage to a system. Hanwha does not assume responsibility for any risks or damages resulting from system failures resulting from improperly upgraded firmware.

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