Wisenet A series Camera Firmware Update

New Firmware Overview

The Wisenet A series video surveillance solution now includes the H.265 video CODEC, enhancing bandwidth and storage savings. In addition to this, license-free Intelligent Video Analytics have been added to simplify video recording and review as well as to push notifications of events.


WiseStream II + H.265 Compression
Reduce bandwidth and storage costs through efficient data transmission


IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics)
Increases situational awareness and alerts operators to abnormal activities in real-time

*All other Wisenet A series models will ship with the updated firmware already installed.

How to Update Camera Device Firmware

Using the Wisenet Device Manager, new device firmware can be easily downloaded and updated in bulk. Individual cameras may also be updated using the web browser interface. Wisenet NVRs may also perform device firmware updates via their respective interfaces.

Please review the instructions included with the firmware download, as the process varies by model for this update.  This update requires you to perform a factory default of the camera's settings to properly activate the new features.  In addition, the ANO-L6012R/ANO-L6022R/ANV-L6012R series requires the use of an intermediate firmware update and factory default.