Wisenet A series NVR Firmware Update

Important NVR Firmware Update

An issue was discovered in the Wisenet A series NVRs that may lead to the unit rebooting every 5-7 days.  This occurs when units are NOT connected to the Internet while the P2P / DDNS function is enabled.  These functions are enabled by default.  If the unit is connected to the Internet, this issue will not occur.  It is recommended to keep device firmware up to date, and to check firmware before deploying a system. (8/9/2022)

*All other Wisenet NVR models are not impacted by this issue

How to Update NVR Device Firmware

Using the Wisenet Device Manager, new device firmware can be easily downloaded and updated in bulk. Individual NVRs may also be updated using the web browser interface, the NVR's local monitor/mouse interface, or using Wisenet Viewer.

The update process takes approximately 3 minutes per NVR.