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QVGA AI Radiometric Thermal Cameras

Detect abnormalities.
Prevent accidents.

Radiometric thermal cameras can instantly detect abnormal temperatures in industrial and manufacturing settings through temperature detection analytics and visualization.

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Clarity in any environment

Featuring a new, best-in-class detector, Hanwha Vision AI thermal radiometric cameras offer enhanced monitoring in challenging applications. Differentiate objects and environments with similar temperatures thanks to 17µm pixel size and 30mK noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD).

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Unparalleled temperature detection range

QVGA AI thermal radiometric cameras offer the widest temperature detection range on the market, with the ability to monitor from -40°F ~ 1,022°F (- 40°C to 550°C).

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Temperature Modes

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Narrow modeBest suited for general temperature monitoring, narrow mode supports temperature ranges of -40°F ~ 302°F (-40°C ~ 150°C) with accuracies of ±2 °C.

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Wide modeBest used for industrial monitoring applications, such as manufacturing, utilities and oil & gas, wide mode supports temperature ranges of 302°F ~ 1,022°F (150°C ~ 550°C) with accuracies of ±15%.

Low-light object detection

Users can trigger motion detection alarms for specific objects, such as cars or people. Temperature monitoring capabilities enable QVGA AI thermal AI radiometric cameras to detect objects where other cameras can’t see them, such as complete darkness or poor weather.

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Wide-angle viewing

QVGA AI thermal AI radiometric cameras are equipped with QVGA (384x288) detectors and wide-angle lenses making them ideal for short to medium-range monitoring applications.

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Compact form factor and easy installation

QVGA AI radiometric thermal cameras are 40% smaller than previous models and are ideal for installation in environments with limited space.

Connect devices with minimal bandwidth

Use Message Queueing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) to connect remote devices with minimal bandwidth. MQTT enables the camera to send and receive data to and from multiple devices easily and also link with SCADA systems.

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NDAA compliant

All new Hanwha Vision cameras and devices are fully NDAA compliant and meet the highest cybersecurity standards.

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