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Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS

Enterprise level Video Management System that allows you to centralize all of your security cameras under an easy to use and feature rich platform that can be easily controlled and monitored from anywhere.

Program Requirements

In order to purchase Wisenet SKY products, dealers will need to meet a certification process.

Four Steps to order Wisenet SKY Products


Obtain a Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS Training Certificate

Partners are required to complete an online training course which takes less than 2 hours. To complete the course, register to access the Hanwha Vision Learning Center. Once access to the eLearning portal has been granted, select the course Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS, enroll and complete the training.

Become a Hanwha Vision Wisenet SKY certified dealer

Sign the Hanwha Partner Reseller Agreement for Wisenet SKY Products and send it to the Wisenet SKY Program Administrator.

Determine which Wisenet SKY products are best for your projects

Spec out your project using the Wisenet SKY Spec Wizard. To see an overview of the solution, visit Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS.

Place an order through one of our Authorized Strategic Distributors

Click here to see our Authorized Strategic Distributors. All orders must be drop shipped to the STEP Partner.

If you have any questions on the Wisenet SKY Certification Process contact our Wisenet SKY Program Administrator.


Maximize your business with Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)

Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS’s 100% cloud-managed solutions allow resellers to rapidly grow recurring monthly revenue through great service and customer retention. Learn how the implementation of subscription-based services that rely on payments on a monthly or annual basis for a product or service can transform your business.


Consistent Cash Flow

Adding predictability to your income with recurring monthly revenue can protect your business during times of economic downturn, allow customers to face less upfront expenses, and allow those same customers to move to build on and improve on existing systems without significant one-time expenses.


Increase Company Valuation

Providing successful RMR subscription-based services to customers increases the valuation of your company when compared to tradition business models. Having an increase in predictable cash flow can lead to further opportunities for your business in the form of short- and long-term benefits.


Improved Customer Retention

Subscription models break away from one-time project-based sales, instead helping to establish ongoing relationships with your customers. RMR customer retention rates are typically higher than 95% and lead to increases in added services or camera products. With Wisenet SKY’s cloud offerings, new features and system improvements are rolled out via automatic updates, those technology benefits are passed directly and immediately to your customers.


Enhanced ROI

By providing a subscription model to your customers, they will benefit from the ability to acquire the latest in security technology without large upfront capital expenditures (CapEX). This allows your customers to retain more cash for growing their core business investments, enhance cash flow management, and stabilize their monthly expenses with a flat fee.


Lower Total Costs

Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS offers customers reduced total cost to serve (TCS) and total costs of ownership (TCO). This is achieved by removing overhead costs incurred through the deployment of traditional on-premises recording solutions – where camera servers can typically account for up to 15-25% of total cost of system operations. This is also apparent in the reduction of on-site hardware maintenance, especially when it comes to multiple customer locations.

Contact us today to learn how we can assist you in providing your customers with Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS.

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