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Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS supports the latest in cybersecurity innovation and safety protocols, ensuring that your video data is protected from unauthorized access without hindering accessibility.

Exceptional Reliability

Wisenet SKY Cloud Facilities

Every one of the 11 Wisenet SKY cloud facilities around the globe is protected by multi-layered physical and digital security measures while redundant internet and power outage protection ensures that your data is safe and accessible at all times.

Wisenet SKY cloud facilities

Two-factor Authentification

This feature is used to provide strong security by establishing trusted user devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) and only allowing camera and video access from those trusted devices. Attempts to sign in using a non-trusted device result in access being denied.

Video Encrypted at Rest and in Transit

Video data transmitted and received via your Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS system remains encrypted at every leg of its journey, bringing you peace of mind.

No Open
In-bound Ports

Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS does not require the use of open ports to operate, removing a potential entry point for bad actors or organizations.



Privacy Mode

When enabled, Privacy Mode blocks access to video to anyone not explicitly added to the account.

Support PIN Verification

You are required to provide your Support PIN to open a ticket for most Support situations. Your Support PIN can be easily managed and changed from your dashboard. This stops fraudulent users from gaining access to your system by pretending to be part of your organization.

Unique ID and Password

By allowing the addition of unlimited users, each user is given a unique ID and password to access your Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS system. Because there is no additional charge for additional users, users no longer need to share accounts, leading to compromises security.

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