8K Security Cameras

8K TNB-9000

8K Resolution Camera

TNB-9000 represents the highest performing, highest resolution camera to date of Wisenet lineup. The ability to digitally zoom in to any area of an image without losing detail provides a powerful alternative to traditional multi-camera installations.

8K TNB-9000

Well suited for stadiums

Our 8K TNB-9000 utilizes a full size 36mm CMOS sensor to deliver true 8K performance at up to 15fps. The camera is ideally suited for stadiums, airports and similar large spaces where installing multiple cameras may be impractical or cost prohibitive. It supports EF (Electro Focus) mount lenses, with remote focus, gives customers exceptional flexibility in lens options and low light performance.


The AI camera BestShot feature

All extracted attributes are presented in real time via Hanwha Vision’s BestShot feature, which displays a still image of a detected object for easy identification along with any attributes detected.


Object Attribute Extraction

Humans and vehicles detected by the Wisenet AI algorithm are classified accordingly with a listing of detected attributes committed as searchable metadata.