PTZ Surveillance Systems

Experience the Power of Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras

Hanwha Vision's PTZ PLUS camera line includes models with resolutions ranging from 2MP to 4K, 30x 40x and 55x optical zoom, and built-in wiper and IR capabilities.


See dark and distant scenes with high resolution, high optical zoom, and WiseIR

Hanwha Vision's 4K 30x optical zoom lens and WiseIR technology optimizes the amount of IR coverage and zoom ratio, allowing vivid and detailed video captures up to 200 meters away in complete darkness.


Preset return accuracy of ±0.1° and quick pan and tilt correction

With a preset return accuracy of just ±0.1˚, Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras quickly return to their originally set positions within one second of an unintended change in pan or tilt is detected.


AI-based object auto tracking

Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras utilize AI algorithms to automatically designate people or vehicles for object tracking. They also allow users to manually target objects on screen for continuous tracking.

Two-step perfect water removal

Hanwha Vision’s Two-step water removal process minimizes the impact of poor weather environments to help secure clear and vivid images.

Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras equipped with a built-in wiper will activate it to remove water or dust particles from the camera before activating an internal lens-mounted heating element to dry any remaining water, resulting in a clean and clear view.

Wiper-less camera models will quickly spin the camera body to remove excess water droplets before activating their internal heating elements to dry off any remaining water on the camera lens surface.


Precise PTZ control

Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras provide stable and precise manual PTZ control for the tracking of moving objects.


Focus save functionality for up to 32 areas

With focus save enabled, Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras will automatically set focus when a camera moves to a user’s predefined area (Can configure up to 32 areas) to ensure that your preset viewing area is always crystal clear.


Widened tilt angle

Wisenet PTZ PLUS cameras offer a 110°(-20° ~ 90°) tilt angle, enabling effective monitoring of objects positioned above the camera’s horizon level and in sloped environments.


Less weight, more performance

Dome type Wisenet PTZ PLUS models are up to 65% lighter and are significantly more compact than conventional PTZ cameras. This critical reduction in weight and bulk not only increases the speed and accuracy of pan and tilt functionality, but it also reduces the hazards of installing heavy and unwieldy camera devices.


5 to 1, easy cable connection making the perfect waterproof

PTZ PLUS cameras remove the need for multiple I/O, network, and alarm cabling, replacing them instead with a single RJ45 connection. This, with the addition of a flexible bushing, greatly reduces the possibility of water ingress and allows PTZ PLUS cameras to operate without any other waterproofing measures.


Quick and easy installation

The system for mounting PTZ PLUS cameras is an improvement in safety and efficiency, consisting of simply aligning three preinstalled pins to the mounting solution and twisting to make a solid connection. 

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