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X series
AI Focus PTZ Camera

With AI-based zoom, auto focus and tracking

Enhance your vision

Hanwha Vision AI Focus PTZ cameras pair traditional pan, tilt, zoom functionality with intelligent quick zoom, focus and auto-tracking technology for an advanced video surveillance solution.

HAN-028-AI Focus PTZ - 1 (1)

Take a closer look

Quick Zoom and Quick Focus allow you to quickly zoom and focus on the details using AI detection and user-defined camera presets.

Focus on the details

Wise AutoFocus uses AI object detection to calculate the distance of human faces from the camera, allowing the camera to quickly and automatically adjust focus onto detected human faces.

Recall focus information instantly

Camera focus information is saved with every new preset, allowing the camera to produce a clear picture when moving between user-defined preset viewing locations.

Customizable zones for
quick focus

Using Focus Scan, you can create focus zones within a monitored area that automatically come into focus when the camera is moved.

Reduce false alarms with AI-triggered events

X series AI Focus PTZ cameras utilize AI object detection analytics to better enable auto-tracking and more.

Automatic object detection

The detection of humans and vehicles is saved as metadata, optimizing forensic search.

Lock on to detected objects

AI-based auto tracking allows locks on to identified people or vehicles, even in low-light conditions, complex environments or when the target moves out of view.

HAN-028-7 (1)

Detect entry, exit or loitering

Set up virtual areas and lines to receive alerts when classified objects or people enter, exit, intrude or loiter in designated locations.

Enhanced low-light visibility

The AI Focus PTZ features a 1/2" sensor to deliver bright color images even in extremely low light.

See bright in low light

Adaptive IR optimizes IR light intensity and angle during zoom magnification at ranges of up to 300m.

Optimized image quality with reduced bandwidth

Hanwha AI Focus PTZ cameras leverage the latest AI and noise reduction technology to offer better quality at a faster rate.



Newly applied AI object detection technology reduces noise and motion blur to produce clear images.

Image-Compression 1(1)


Reduces bandwidth by up to 80% without compromising the video quality, enabling efficient video management.

Reinforced durability

Hanwha Vision AI Focus PTZ cameras are built to stand up to the elements indoors and out.

BestShot-Feature 1

Metal shielded RJ-45

Enhanced protection from lightning, static electricity and more with a specialized grounding structure.

Image-Compression 1

Hard-coated dome bubble

Reduce the risk of scratches from the elements and minimize possible degradation of resolution.

NDAA compliant

All new Hanwha Vision cameras and devices are fully NDAA-compliant and meet the highest cybersecurity standards.

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