MOD Pizza Puts “Squad Safety” First with Hanwha Vision Surveillance Solutions


MOD Pizza


  • Upgrade the surveillance capabilities at MOD Pizza locations while maintaining a safe and welcoming “people-first” environment.


  • Install Hanwha Vision Q series and X series cameras (dome and fisheye models).


  • Enhanced ability to deter and resolve in-store incidents involving customers and Squad members as well as “slip and fall” accidents or crashes in the parking lot.
  • Faster response times to police requests for surveillance footage.

At MOD Pizza, business is like family. They think of their stores as people-places more than pizza-places, and even refer to employees as the “Squad.”

Jason Swanson, Director of Asset Protection for MOD Pizza, says that “people-first” approach helped make choosing Hanwha Vision as its surveillance partner an easy decision. “There are a lot of great technology companies,” he said, “but it’s ultimately about the people and how they work with us.”

Hanwha security and surveillance solutions are helping MOD Pizza reduce in-store incidents, work closely with law enforcement and future-proof their operations while protecting their main assets: customers and the Squad.

The first MOD Pizza store opened in 2008, in the middle of a U.S. economic recession. Despite any business uncertainty, the MOD mission was clear. “We envisioned a place where families and people could gather, and have great pizza at a great value,” said Swanson.

Now, with more than 500 company-operated and franchised locations across the U.S. and Canada, MOD is still staying true to that vision by adding the latest security and surveillance technologies to its environment. MOD Pizza has recently deployed Hanwha Vision solutions including Q series and X series cameras, a mix of dome and 360-degree fisheye models to cover larger areas.

The Hanwha products help deter and even resolve in-store incidents involving customers and Squad members as well as “slip and fall” accidents or crashes in the parking lot. The MOD team can respond faster to police requests for surveillance footage, whether related to in-store events or activities occurring in the immediate areas surrounding a MOD location.

“We're able to provide accurate interpretations of exactly what happened,” said Swanson, “and we're able to be a better resource for law enforcement due to the access we have to real-time information while keeping our Squad safe.”

In addition to enhanced safety and security, the Hanwha Vision products offer flexibility and modularity to help MOD avoid time-intensive and cost-prohibitive “rip and replace” scenarios when it’s time to update.

“We want to make sure everything that we put in is future-proof to keep pace with the changing landscape of safety in our stores and locations,” said Swanson. “Hanwha Vision has been a great partner, whether it's helping us find a different camera system, placing something in a different area, or using technology in a way that we hadn't previously thought of.”

Swanson said the Hanwha Vision team has worked with them closely to continually advise the MOD team on camera selection and surveillance expertise.

“We want to do what's right for each location, for our Squad, for safety, and for our customers,” he said. “Hanwha Vision helps us protect our most important assets: our people, our customers, our food, our cash, and our buildings. We’re able to future-proof our stores with solutions that make sure that we are on the forefront of the technology.”


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