Intelligent Video & Audio Technologies

Our license-free, onboard intelligent video and audio technologies help to reduce the occurrence of false alarms during active monitoring, increase efficiency during forensic review, and reduce storage and bandwidth requirements - all while turning your surveillance into actionable business intelligence.

Intelligent Video and Audio Analytics with Sound Classification


Business Analytics


Wisenet AI Camera Analytics with Feature Extraction


WiseStream Compression


Shock Detection

Using built-in gyro sensors, Wisenet camera devices can detect when the camera is hit and use it as an event to trigger an alarm or other response.

AI-based Object Auto Tracking

PTZ cameras equipped with AI based auto tracking use deep-learning algorithms to track automatically selected or user selected people or vehicles within view of the camera.

Audio Event Playback

Audio event playback allows system operators to communicate with the public by using audio playback as a response to user-defined events.

Wisenet Open Platform

Hanwha Vision's Open Platform policy allows our camera devices to go beyond their core functions with additional functionality to meet your unique system needs or site requirements.