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Manage all of your cameras, locations and footage… from anywhere

OnCloud Video Management from Hanwha Vision

OnCloud is a direct-to-cloud video management system that gives you access to live and recorded video, searchable clips, event notifications, and more… on any device.

A frictionless cloud ecosystem

OnCloud natively supports over 100 Hanwha Vision camera models in a variety of form factors.

Always accessible

An easily accessible, centralized tool for system integrators and end users.

Intuitive and instant

Find footage, gain insights and manage multiple cameras with ease.

Infinitely scalable

Add cameras, locations and users without limits.

High-performance cloud video management

    • Real-time remote monitoring

      Leverage in-camera intelligence and processing for ultra-low latency when live monitoring and retrieving footage from the cloud.

    • Safe and secure

      OnCloud utilizes 100% direct-to-cloud storage and video encryption to keep footage safe and secure at all times.

    • Find footage with smart search

      Use smart search to instantaneously retrieve the precise surveillance footage you need. Easily find clips and sort by detected object attributes, tags, time, location and more.

    • Intelligent bandwidth management

      Wisestream III reduces bandwidth by up to 80% for efficient video management without compromising quality.

    • Trigger alarms for events

      Auto-detection of people and objects, intrusion detection and customizable notifications provide instant event alerts.

    • Centralized incident management

      Manage incident details, add clips from within OnCloud and invite others to collaborate by adding notes and documents to each case.

    • Support for high-res cameras

      Integrate high-resolution cameras into your system and view high-quality footage from the cloud with no resolution restrictions.

    • vms dashboard
    • vms dashboard
    • vms dashboard
    • bandwidth comparison
    • vms dashboard
    • vms dashboard
    • vms dashboard

    The direct-to-cloud VMS for any industry

    Turn your video security system into a powerful source of insights and control…from anywhere with the OnCloud video management system.

    Built to meet the unique needs of retail, commercial, education and other industries, OnCloud makes it easy to expand surveillance coverage as your business grows and increase bandwidth without hefty hardware and space investments.


    Complete capability

    The compact CGA-1610 gateway box connects up to 16 ONVIF-compatible cameras to OnCloud, giving users the freedom to choose the devices that are right for them.

    Designed to add up to 16 cameras, the CGA-1610 makes scaling up easy without requiring a lot of space.

    Cybersecure cloud video management

    The Hanwha Vision Cloud Portal deploys rigorous security features to keep your data and equipment safe – without hindering accessibility.

    Two-factor authentication


    Keep login secure with multi-layer authentication for trusted devices.

    Video encryption

    Video Encryption

    Video remains encrypted in transit and in the cloud.

    Privacy modes

    Privacy Modes

    Manage contributor access and prevent unauthorized viewing of footage.

    Hanwha Vision Cloud Portal

    Turn your video security system into a powerful source of insights and control… from anywhere.


    Direct-to-cloud video management


    Multi-site health monitoring solution


    AI analytics dashboard


    Custom AI model trainer

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