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From cultivation to distribution, Hanwha Vision's products meet the unique challenges of keeping cannabis businesses secure and in compliance with regulatory requirements. All activity at cannabis facilities needs to be monitored, tracked, recorded and stored for regulatory compliance and in some cases investigative use. Hanwha Vision's wide array of IP camera solutions can address any cannabis security and surveillance need.

Testing Lab

  • Meets or exceeds all industry standards and requirements for video surveillance
  • Cost saving multi-sensor and specialty devices and data compression technologies
  • AI-based video analytics to increase monitoring efficiency and reduce false alarm events

Cost-saving Camera Devices

Multi-sensor/Multi-directional IP Cameras

Hanwha Vision dual-sensor multi-directional IP camera solutions eliminate the need for expensive multi-camera installations and include 2MP, 5MP, and 6MP selectable fixed lens, motorized varifocal, and AI equipped models. Each multi-sensor IP camera can be installed with a single cable and utilized with most VMS systems using just a single device recording license.


Eliminate Blind Spots with High-Resolution IP Fisheye Cameras

See a full-detail, 360° panoramic view of an entire room or area with a single camera. Fisheye cameras are a popular choice for cannabis facilities including dispensaries and cultivation facilities, as they provide excellent coverage to help eliminate blind spots and meet security requirements. Dewarping allows users to convert the fisheye image in multiple views and focus areas, resulting in cost savings as fewer cameras are required to monitor a given area.


Point-of-sale Camera Kits

Specialized Camera Kits and Accessories

Our 2MP remote-head cameras easily capture a subject’s face and other critical information using modern housing designs that blend seamlessly into your environment.

2MP point-of-sale camera kit

Height-adjustable housing designed to capture faces at the checkout counter.


Pinhole height strip camera

Pinhole height strip camera can distinguish a subject’s face and height when used in conjunction with another area camera device.


Door jamb lenses and lens housings

Strategically place Hanwha Vision’s low-profile remote head camera lens modules and housings near entrances and exits, providing investigators and law enforcement with high-quality views of suspects’ faces or any suspicious activity.


Let AI find what
you're looking for.

Wisenet AI Analytics

By being able to distinguish vehicles and humans from other objects, Wisenet cameras equipped with edge-based AI analytics reduce the occurrence of false alarms derived from the use of motion detection while increasing operational efficiencies in forensic review.

BestShot Feature

The BestShot feature takes a snapshot of detected objects and displays them onscreen in real time along with any captured metadata for easy identification.

Object Attribute Extraction

Humans and vehicles detected by the Wisenet AI algorithm are classified accordingly with a listing of detected attributes committed as searchable metadata.


VMS Compatibility

Wisenet AI camera analytics are fully integrated into Wisenet WAVE VMS, Milestone XProtect, and Genetec Security center via the Hanwha Vision AI Camera Plug-in.


See Who is Coming


Edge-based license plate recognition solutions

Enhance your facility’s security by logging vehicles by license plate number as they enter and exit parking or restricted areas. Hanwha Vision cameras with license plate recognition (LPR) technology are operational out of the box and fully integrated into Wisenet WAVE VMS and other popular video management systems and access control solutions.

  • License plate recognition (LPR) with supporting images
  • Efficient Smart Search
  • Insight and statistics dashboard
  • VMS Integration

Safety first. Security first.

Explosion-proof Cameras for Cannabis
Extraction Facilities

Extraction rooms containing flammable gases, like butane, must follow strict requirements on the types of cameras that can be installed. Our custom fitted explosion-proof housings are capable of operating safely in areas where traditional camera device designs may be unsuitable or pose a risk to safety.


Hanwha Vision explosion-proof camera features:

  • Up to 4K/8MP resolution
  • Class 1 Division 1 rated for compliance in cannabis extraction facilities
  • Sealed 316L stainless steel metal construction
  • IP66/67 ingress protection rating
  • Onboard advanced video analytics

360° endless pan rotation and 255 preset mode.

  • Up to 4K/8MP resolution
  • Class 1 Division 1 rated for compliance in cannabis extraction facilities
  • Sealed 316L stainless steel metal construction
  • IP66/67 ingress protection rating
  • Onboard advanced video analytics

Simple, scalable VMS solutions.

Wisenet WAVE VMS

Our lightweight and feature rich video management solution is capable of supporting up to 128 IP video streams per server and fully integrated with Wisenet NVR and IP camera video and audio analytics.


Easy setup – complete system install and configuration in minutes

Flexibility – drag and drop interface with resizable viewing panes for intuitive navigation

Compatibility – Full integration with Wisenet SUNAPI 2.0 device features and and analytics and other popular 3rd party devices

Reliability – Robust server hive architecture ensures continuous system uptime

Portability – Accessible from anywhere via WAVE Sync with mobile client applications

Accessibility – Add an unlimited number of users to a single system, each with custom or preset roles


Painless setup and installation.

Wisenet WAVE VMS is also available in preconfigured server and client devices in several form factors to meet the needs of your facility.


Wisenet SKY

Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS

Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS offers users enterprise-level performance with easy deployment, remote management, and seamless integration with third party systems.


Enterprise Equipped – Optional Analytics

Exceptional Reliability – Redundant server storage and outage protection

Quick Deployment – No open ports or special configuration required

Secure Access – Two-factor authentication, video encryption at REST and in transit, and more


Advanced Optical Technologies

Advanced Optical Technologies

Wisenet camera devices feature recording resolutions of up to 4K, license-free video and audio analytics, eXtreme WDR with scene analysis, and best-in-class cybersecurity measures. Powering the updated line of Wisenet X series cameras, these capabilities are available in a variety of form factors that meet the challenges of even the toughest environments.

Vivid 4K Resolution

Hanwha Vision's F1.2 varifocal lens is implemented into the Wisenet 7 4K camera lineup, allowing the most light into the camera's sensor and producing clear and vivid images.


150dB eXtreme WDR with Scene Analysis technology

Hanwha Vision's improved multi-frame WDR technology lets you take full advantage of image contrast to see detailed objects clearly even in environments with strong backlight conditions.

AI-based Preferred Shutter Speed and WiseNR II

Optimizes shutter speed using AI object detection to reduce motion blur in scenes.

AI-based WiseNR II

Uses AI object tracking to greatly reduce image noise surrounding detected objects in low light conditions.


See more without Spending More

WiseStream III AI-based compression technology

Using edge-based AI object detection to identify humans and vehicles, Hanwha Vision's WiseStream III video compression technology ignores motion created by non-human and non-vehicle objects detected in the camera's field of view. This results in substantially decreased data transmission sizes from the camera over traditional motion detection based compression technologies, without losses in video quality.

Hanwha Vision Business Analytics

Every camera equipped with our license-free, built-in business analytics suite is a dual-purpose surveillance and business intelligence gathering machine – collecting visitor density and movements throughout your space and aggregating it into actionable data.


People counting: Provides statistical information based on individuals detected entering or exiting pre-defined areas.


Heat map: Evaluates retail traffic based on visitor density and length of stay.


Queue management: Alleviates long check-out lines by alerting staff when customers are waiting for longer than user-defined amounts of time.

Customizable analytics zones and event-based alarms

Edge-based video and audio analytics are included license-free onboard many Hanwha Vision camera models, helping to reduce the frequency of false alarms while increasing the efficiency of forensic review.


Face detection: Identifies key facial features and issues alerts when a face is present


Virtual line crossing detection: Triggers an alarm when objects are detected crossing a pre-defined virtual line or perimeter


Loitering detection: Triggers an event when an object enters and rests in a designated virtual zone


Intrusion detection: Triggers an event when movement is detected in a designated virtual zone


Enter/exit detection: Detection of objects entering or exiting a designated area


Appear/disappear detection: Detects the appearance or disappearance of an item in a designated virtual zone


Audio analytics: Detects and identifies the sound of explosions, gunshots, screams, and breaking glass




End-to-end Cybersecurity

Secure by Default - UL CAP Certified Cybersecurity

With its own device certificate issuing system, Root CA, the Wisenet 7 camera lineup offers the highest levels of cybersecurity possible. Secure by Default, Hanwha Vision's cybersecurity policy, embeds unique certificates into all products during each step of the development and manufacturing process. This results in a cybersecurity policy that satisfies stringent UL CAP standards as well as our own requirements for product reliability and design.

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