Hardware Technologies

For over 30 years, innovative camera design and technology has always been at the core of Hanwha Vision's success. Our cameras are built to surpass the requirements of our end-users while providing features that aid in efficient installation and product reliability.

Dual Light Camera



Wisenet 7 SoC



Wisenet X series PLUS Modular Camera Design


Wisenet PoE Extender Cameras


Digital Image Stabilization


Hallway View Mode

Hallway view creates a vertically oriented 3 : 4 or 9 : 16 ratio video stream to maximize usable image space in a narrow environment.

Edge Recording

Save data automatically to the camera, keeping content safe in the event of network failure or instability.

Hard Coated Dome

High performance scratch and weather resistant dome technology is applied to camera domes to increase the lifetime of camera products.

Interchangeable Lens Camera

Cameras equipped with interchangeable lens modules allow the end-user to custom fit a camera's field of view to the environment.

PTRZ Cameras

Motorized camera modules allow dynamic field of view adjustments directly from a camera's webUI or camera configuration utility.

Analog Video Output for Installation

Cameras equipped with a CVBS port can be connected to a monitor for easy FoV and settings adjustments during installation.

Onboard USB Installation

Cameras equipped with an onboard USB port can be easily adjusted via your smart device with the Wisenet Installation Mobile App when paired with a Wi-Fi adaptor.

Wisenet IR / Integrated IR

Integrated IR illumination allows Hanwha Vision cameras to provide clear images in low- or no-light environments, even at distances of up to 200 meters when using WiseIR equipped devices.