AI Surveillance Systems

Wisenet AI Cameras with attribute extraction.

By being able to distinguish vehicles and humans from other objects, Wisenet cameras equipped with edge-based AI analytics reduce the occurrence of false alarms derived from the use of motion detection while increasing operational efficiencies in forensic review.

Hanwha Techwin's Ai-based object detection

AI-based object detection for operational efficiency

Wisenet AI cameras detect and classify people, vehicles, faces, license plates and more in real-time. With a range of available resolutions from 2MP to 4K, the cameras’ deep-learning algorithms can reliably identify multiple distinct objects. Reduce false alarms due to none interesting motion, like wind-blown trees, shadows, or animals. Analytics become a reliable second pair of eyes to operators helping them know where to look for important real-time events, while making post-event forensic searches highly efficient.

BestShot Feature

The BestShot feature takes a snapshot of detected objects and displays them onscreen in real time along with any captured metadata for easy identification.


Object Attribute Extraction

Humans and vehicles detected by the Wisenet AI algorithm are classified accordingly with a listing of detected attributes committed as searchable metadata.


VMS Compatibility

Wisenet AI camera analytics are fully integrated into Wisenet WAVE VMS, Milestone XProtect, and Genetec Security center via the Hanwha Vision AI Camera Plug-in.

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