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Wisenet LPR Camera
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Hanwha Vision's edge based LPR camera solution, Wisenet Road AI, uses AI camera technology to help identify vehicles on the road. These License Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras featuring Make, Model, and Color Recognition (MMCR) can accurately capture vehicle information in various traffic conditions ranging from low speed parking situations to free flowing highway scenarios.   

  • License plate recognition (LPR) with supporting images
  • Efficient Smart Search
  • Insight and statistics dashboard
  • VMS Integration

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LP (License Plate) / NP Number Plate) Recognition

Through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing, the BestShot images of the License/Number plates are converted into machine-readable text and numbers.

MMCR (Make, Model, Color Recognition)

Powerful AI deep learning algorithm allows recognition of vehicle brands, models, and colors.

Vehicle type recognition

Vehicles are classified into 7 types (CAR, SUV, VAN, LCV, TRUCK, BUS, Motorcycle) is also collected for easy and efficient events/object search.

Efficient Smart Search

Search by various options as country, make, model, color etc. Search results are shown max 500 list and can be exported as excel format.


Insightful Statistics

Wisenet Road AI supports various widgets and visual graphs with different parameters to display daily, weekly and monthly traffic statistics. The statistics utilizes the latest 10,000 cars added to the DB.


VMS integration

Wisenet Road AI offers seamless integration with various VMS such as Genetec, Milestone and Wisenet Wave, Wisenet SSM. The flexibility of integration gives boundless potential to be applied at any project to fulfill various customers needs.


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