The Wisenet T series camera line includes a variety of specialty, mission-critical network cameradevices. These cameras provide protection from marine environments with explosion proof housings, thermal, 8K Ultra HD resolution, and other specialty devices designed for unique industries and use cases.

Feature Highlights


Thermal cameras are capable of identifying people and vehicles from extremely long distances. Their ability to see in complete darkness and through some visual barriers is also ideal for 24 hour surveillance of areas with critical infrastructure.


Thermal Body Temperature Detection

Monitor the body temperatures of personnel entering a facility with an accuracy of ±0.9°F (±0.5°C). Its use of AI camera analytics reduces the occurrence of false alarms by removing any non-human entities from the monitoring process.

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8K Ultra HD

The TNB-9000’s 8k ultra high resolution easily replaces the need for several conventional cameras in a single location while capturing images in full detail.


Our custom fitted explosion-proof housings are capable of operating safely in areas where traditional camera device designs may be unsuitable or pose a risk to safety due to the presence of explosive or flammable gases and material.

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