Hanwha Vision Delivers AI for Every Surveillance Application at ISC West 2024


Teaneck, NJ, April 3, 2024 Hanwha Vision highlighting the critical role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in diverse surveillance and business operations at ISC West 2024, Booth #14025, April 10-12 in Las Vegas. AI will be prominent throughout the Hanwha Vision booth, with many new and existing products now incorporating AI technology to boost their performance to unprecedented levels.

“New applications of AI are delivering precise detection, efficient bandwidth, and robust search,” said Miguel Lazatin, senior director of marketing, Hanwha Vision America. “AI is also elevating data analysis capabilities to generate meaningful and actionable business insights. This combination of capabilities illustrates how we’re developing new vision solutions that address our customers’ complex challenges by adding new layers of business intelligence.”

The new AI-powered products from Hanwha Vision to be featured at ISC West include:


Dual light AI camera (QNE-C8013RL and QNE-C9013RL)

This new camera, available in 8- and 5-megapixel resolution models, combines AI with white LED and infrared lights. It is ideal for users who need to monitor and track activity during the day or night in sharp color reproduction without the need for external illumination sources.

Accurate people and vehicle classification filters out irrelevant pixel-based motion triggers, ultimately generating accurate alarms. The white lights can be used to provide brighter, safer environments for pedestrians and vehicles while also functioning as a deterrent by shining a bright light on people loitering or suspicious activities in progress to let people know they are being monitored.

AI Focus PTZ camera (XNP-C7310R and XNP-C9310R)

Hanwha Vision’s new AI Focus PTZ camera uses an AI Engine and pre-stored information to provide faster Auto-Focus (AF). The new camera features a ½-inch sensor that is available in 4- and 8-megapixel resolution models to deliver bright color images even in extreme low light. Users can specify customized zones, which are viewable by split screen, and the camera will scan and save the focus data for each split zone.

When the camera is moved to an area that includes a previously scanned zone, the Quick Focus feature is automatically enabled. The camera also includes AI-based Auto Tracking, object classification; AI analytics for loitering and line crossing; and AI-based noise, motion blur and bandwidth reduction. The camera complies with FIPS 140-2 level 2, Secure boot, signed and encrypted firmware.

SolidEDGE AI (PNV-A6081R-E1T and PNV-A6081R-E2T)

SolidEDGE launched as the first true serverless camera system with onboard Solid State Storge (SSD) storage and an embedded WAVE VMS server. This cloud-managed system addresses the need for scalable surveillance solutions requiring multi-camera recording, remote access, and on-premise security system management without the need for a server or an NVR.

Now, adding AI supports accurate object detection, classification, and intelligent analytics to deliver a comprehensive surveillance and business solution. Available with 1TB or 2TB onboard storage capacity, each SolidEDGE camera can connect and record up to five additional cameras, bringing the total number of cameras in a system to six, including the original SolidEDGE camera’s video stream. Users can also merge up to 30 SolidEDGE systems through WAVE Sync.

Barcode Reader Camera (TNO-B9050IBC)

The first dual-sensor Barcode Reader Camera combines barcode recognition, video capture, parcel tracking, and logistics management all in a single AI device. AI-powered for accurate and faster recognition, the camera’s integrated search and image-based tracking software improves operational efficiency. Both mono and color sensors are integrated into the single-camera design to efficiently track packages and accurately read barcodes.

The camera’s single-system design lowers installation and maintenance costs compared to conventional systems with separate BCR and CCTV devices. Hanwha Vision’s Logistic Tracking Software communicates with logistics centers’ barcode reading systems to facilitate product and tracking inquiries.

AI Box (AIB-800)

The AIB-800 eight-channel AI Box converts any camera supporting ONVIF/SUNAPI into an AI-enabled device, avoiding the additional costs of replacing an entire system. The device detects and classifies people, vehicles, faces and license plates and more in real time, greatly enhancing operator efficiency and the accuracy of video analytics.

Wisenet AI algorithms can detect people as distinct objects separate from their surroundings such as waving trees, shadows, or animals, significantly reducing false alarms and reducing storage and bandwidth. The AIB-800 seamlessly integrates with video management software from Milestone, Genetec, and Wisenet Wave. Operators can search AI events according to various attributes from AI cameras.

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About Hanwha Vision America

Hanwha Vision (formerly Hanwha Techwin) has been leading the global video surveillance industry with world-class optical design, image processing and cybersecurity technologies for more than 30 years. As it broadens its business to become a global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision will deliver more valuable and meaningful insights to customers by collecting key information and providing big data analytics utilizing AI and cloud technologies.

Hanwha Vision showcases cloud-connected and AI-powered surveillance technologies at ISC West 2024

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