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Video Surveillance for Data Centers

Scalable video surveillance systems to safeguard your facility

Hanwha Vision delivers flexible, easily customized data center video surveillance solutions to help mitigate threats and provide operational insights for enterprise and multi-tenant data centers. Our variety of security cameras with advanced AI and analytics reduce costs by allowing easy monitoring with fewer cameras and fewer live patrols.

Let us help you choose the right solutions for your facility.

Multi-level security for 24/7 data center coverage

Whether you are running an enterprise or a multi-tenant operation, today's data centers face endless risks. From the perimeter to the central data hub, physical threats and equipment failures can disrupt critical operations.

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  • PTZ cameras for full coverage of perimeter and parking lots
  • LPR technology and loitering detection to keep track of traffic and suspicious vehicles
  • eXtreme WDR technology for to boost imagery in loading docks and low light areas
  • Automated object detection for fence-line protection to keep an eye on vehicles, people and more



  • Track visitors from initial entry through entire building utilizing BestShot feature and multi-sensor camera
  • Restrict building access to unauthorized entities


Meet-me room

  • Monitor and restrict entry and exit to room
  • PTZ and multi-sensor cameras for optimal coverage and tracking abilities
  • Object detection and BestShot technology to keep track of people moving in and out room


Security Command Center

  • Monitor and restrict entry and set automated alarms and alerts
  • 360-degree fisheye cameras for full coverage of command center
  • Utilize your existing VMS or Wisenet WAVE to access camera feeds and AI analytics


Server Rooms

  • Monitor incoming and outgoing activity
  • Designate alarms for unusual/unauthorized activity
  • 360-degree fisheye cameras for full coverage of server room
  • PTZ and multi-sensor cameras for optimal coverage and tracking abilities

Providing solutions to large-scale data centers nationwide

"We were simply wowed by how well the Hanwha cameras could accurately capture data in the dark, or in any lighting condition."

- Jeff McDonald, VyStar Security Operations Manager

AI Cameras for enhanced security

Hanwha Vision high-resolution 4K smart cameras are equipped with AI-based analytics with attribute extraction that can accurately identify both humans and vehicles. This enables faster and more efficient forensic searches, reducing bandwidth and storage through metadata tagging and limiting the need for physical patrols.

Best Shot

Meilleur tir

Get a snapshot of detected objects in real-time along with all captured metadata for easy identification.

Object Detection

Object Detection

Humans and vehicles are classified with a listing of detected attributes as searchable metadata.

WiseStream III

Using AI, WiseStream III applies compression rates, reducing bandwidth while maintaining image quality.

High-performance data center security cameras

Don't let disruptions to your data center impact your operations. Integrated video surveillance solutions protect your facility from perimeter to core. The Hanwha Vision line of cost-efficient security cameras delivers premium performance to reduce security risks.

P Series

P series

Hanwha Vision dual-sensor multi-directional IP camera solutions effectively monitor wide areas with a single device – eliminating the need for expensive multi-camera installations.

X Series

Série X

Wisenet Fisheye cameras are a perfect solution for situational awareness for large areas where you need complete coverage with no blind spots, such as server rooms and command centers.


PTZ cameras

With the ability to be moved in all directions and zoom in and out, PTZ cameras provide versatile and effective solutions for vulnerable data center areas.


Caméras multi-capteurs/panoramiques

Providing an ultra-wide field of view from a single device to see up and down hallways, stairways, corridors and server rooms.


LPR cameras

Capture unauthorized entrance along with vehicle damage, break-ins, theft, and more that often happen in parking lots.

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Talk with a Data Center Security Expert

Create customizable analytics zones and event-based alarms

Edge-based video and audio analytics are included license-free onboard many Hanwha Vision camera models, helping to prevent or minimize damage during an event, reduce false alarms, prompt a rapid response and increase the efficiency of forensic review.



Détection facial: Identifie les principales caractéristiques du visage et émet des alertes lorsqu'un visage est présent


Détection de franchissement de ligne virtuelle : Déclenche une alarme lorsque des objets sont détectés traversant une ligne ou un périmètre virtuel prédéfini


Détection de vagabondage : Déclenche un événement lorsqu'un objet entre et repose dans une zone virtuelle désignée


Détection d'intrusion: Déclenche un événement lorsqu'un mouvement est détecté dans une zone virtuelle désignée


Détection entrée/sortie : Détection d'objets entrant ou sortant d'une zone désignée


Détection d'apparition/disparition : Détecte l'apparition ou la disparition d'un élément dans une zone virtuelle désignée


Analyse audio : Détecte et identifie le bruit des explosions, des coups de feu, des cris et des bris de verre

Built-in features for optimum security

Data Center operators will appreciate the built-in camera features that maintain optimal performance in adverse conditions. From security and incident response to monitoring and operational efficiency, Hanwha Vision cameras help prevent security breaches and identify potential issues before a problem arises.


Détection de sabotage : Détecte lorsque la direction d'une caméra est modifiée en raison d'un impact, d'une perte soudaine de mise au point, d'une peinture ou d'un blocage


Détection de brouillard : Les caméras peuvent détecter la présence de brouillard ou de vapeur et améliorer automatiquement la qualité de l'image


HLC : Fonction de faible luminosité qui bloque les sources de lumière intense telles que les phares des véhicules afin de maintenir une image claire


Plateforme ouverte : Cette politique permet aux logiciels et applications tiers de s'exécuter en périphérie en parallèle avec les opérations normales de la caméra, ajoutant ainsi des utilitaires à votre appareil de caméra IP au-delà des fonctions de surveillance


Stabilisation d'image: Les caméras peuvent détecter les tremblements ou les vibrations et stabiliser numériquement l'image


DIS avec capteur gyroscopique : Un capteur gyroscopique interne est utilisé pour détecter les vibrations dans une image et travailler pour stabiliser l'image affectée


Transfert PTZ : Des caméras placées stratégiquement peuvent être utilisées pour déclencher des préréglages PTZ, des modèles de patrouille et le suivi de cibles en fonction des événements détectés

Secure by default

Hanwha Vision security and surveillance products offer the highest cybersecurity possible with unique certificates embedded into every device during each phase of the manufacturing process. This results in a cybersecurity policy that satisfies stringent UL CAP standards as well as our own requirements for product reliability and design innovation.


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Heavy-hitting technology integrations

Hanwha Vision cameras are natively compatible with most popular video management solutions via ONVIF protocol or SUNAPI plug-in drivers. Utilize camera data for autonomous checkout, wait times, heat mapping, AI analytics and more.


NDAA compliance

All Hanwha Vision cameras, components, and systems are NDAA compliant, are manufactured in our own facilities and many qualify for sale under the TAA and GSA guidelines.


Warranty and firmware support

Hanwha Vision warrants to the original purchaser that our products are free from defects for a period of three years, and addresses security vulnerabilities with firmware updates for up to five years.

Need help choosing the right products for your facility?

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