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Stadium Video Surveillance

Enhance the fan experience with innovative security systems

Hanwha Vision offers unparalleled security cameras and video surveillance systems for stadiums, arenas, and other large sports venues. Our solutions enhance the fan experience, increase employee productivity and elevate safety and security – from the parking lot to the seating bowl and everywhere in between.

Stadium security cameras for optimal coverage

Gain optimal coverage with ultra-high-resolution images that allow digital zoom with no loss of detail.

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Rich suite of advanced analytics

Utilize advanced analytics to create custom zones, event-based alarms, and more.

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License-free business analytics

Get better insight into your operations with edge-based analytics.

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Coverage for your entire venue

Des solutions évolutives et flexibles

The complete lineup of Hanwha Vision video security and surveillance systems offers full coverage in many form factors, designed to deliver the ultimate fan experience.

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Seating Bowl/Playing Field

  • 32MP full-frame CMOS image sensor
  • License-free AI based-object detection and classification video analytics
  • Efficient video streaming with H.265 with WiseStreamⅡ
  • Analytics events based on AI engine: object and directional detection
  • 100/1000Mbps network connectivity via RJ-45 & SFP slot for long distance cable runs
  • Simple focus & microUSB port for easy and perfect focus control remotely


Concessions Stands/Fan Shops

  • View two areas with a single dual-head, multi-sensor camera installation
  • Discreet and low-profile camera designs
  • Queue management analytics alert managers and staff to long lines
  • Self-checkout stations for frictionless, autonomous checkout


Security Center Hub

  • Realtime monitoring and reporting capabilities
  • See activity reports for key usage to improve security
  • Reduce stadium vulnerabilities
  • Fewer cameras can provide better coverage
  • View forensic evidence from anywhere with an internet connection with scalable IP video management and NVR solutions
  • Remotely adjustable camera fields of view – even after installation is complete



  • Reduce costs by replacing several device installations with one
  • Requires only a single network cable for installation
  • Dual-directional cameras perfect for stairways; one sensor going up, one sensor coming down
  • Corner mount TNV-8011C camera with video and audio analytics for elevators



  • Corner mount TNV-8011C camera
  • Objectif fixe de 2,3 mm intégré
  • Day and night, WDR (120dB)
  • Video and audio analytics
  • Optional silver, black or white skin covers can help the device blend in
  • Provide optimal coverage in confined spaces
  • Multiple streaming capabilities


Parking Lots/Loading Zones

  • Monitor and capture wide areas with a single multi-sensor panoramic camera installation
  • License plate recognition technology for monitoring parking lots and loading docks
  • Equipped with loitering, object, and directional AI detection analytics
  • Durable vandal-resistant dome and bullet-style cameras also available



  • High-megapixel sensors provide a seamless wide-angle viewpoint
  • Up to 220° panoramic view
  • Specialty camera solutions blend into any environment
  • Public viewing monitors assist in actively deterring retail crime
  • Industry-leading low-light performance with wide dynamic range capabilities
  • Equipped with intelligent business analytics including queue management

“With Hanwha stadium security cameras, we are able to capture high quality images that show us, for example, how a guest fell. Whether there was an obstruction, water on the floor, or an indentation or whether the guest simply tripped.”

—Safety and Security Director

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Stadium security cameras that level the playing field

High-performance cameras

Hanwha Vision offers stadium surveillance cameras in a wide variety of form factors, packed with the latest AI technology and business analytics to secure your venue.

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The world’s first 8K ultra-HD stadium security camera

The TNB-9000 IP camera utilizes a full-size 36mm CMOS sensor to deliver true 8K performance at up to 15fps. Ultra-high-resolution images allow you to digitally zoom without losing detail, making it a powerful alternative to traditional multi-camera installations.

  • 32 MP, ultra-high resolution camera
  • Full-size 36mm CMOS sensor
  • True 8K performance at up to 15fps
  • Zoom into any area without losing detail
  • License-free AI-based object detection
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Sharp image quality with H.265 compression with intelligent video analytics, Wide Dynamic Range, Built-in IR, Hallway View, and WiseStream II.
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Featuring proprietary Wisenet 7 chipset with for 4K resolution, eXtreme WDR, and 100% lens distortion correction.
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The Wisenet A series product line includes cost-effective camera and NVR solutions equipped with the essential functionality that casino and gaming security professionals demand.
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With the ability to move in all directions and zoom in and out, PTZ cameras provide versatile solutions for your casino.
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Group 26

Multi-sensor IP security cameras use a single cable – eliminating the need for complex and costly installations.Learn More >

Group 27

Providing an ultra-wide field of view from a single device, with up to 220° of viewing angle.Learn More >

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AI-driven analytics create positive security outcomes

AI is changing how stadium security teams prioritize the safety and security of their guests, employees, and operations.

Using AI object detection, advanced algorithms, and machine learning, our cameras allow you to capture and analyze license-free data.

Object Detection Graphic

Object Detection

Our AI cameras feature machine learning analytics that enable you to identify specific objects (person, face, vehicle, license plate) in order to improve operational efficiency.

BestShot Graphic

Best Shot

All extracted attributes are presented in real time via the Hanwha Vision BestShot feature, which displays a still image of a detected object for easy identification along with attributes.

Zones d'analyse personnalisables et alarmes basées sur les événements

With customizable analytics zones and event-based alarms, Hanwha Vision’s license-free video analytics suite reduces the frequency of false alarms while increasing the efficiency of forensic review.

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Face Detection
Identifie les principales caractéristiques du visage et émet des alertes lorsqu'un visage est présent

video_audio_analytics_icon_120x120-line-crossing-detection-100x100-1 1

Virtual Line Crossing Detection
Déclenche une alarme lorsque des objets sont détectés traversant une ligne ou un périmètre virtuel prédéfini

Loitering_detection-1 1

Loitering Detection
Déclenche un événement lorsqu'un objet entre et repose dans une zone virtuelle désignée

Intrusion_detection-2 1

Intrusion Detection
Déclenche un événement lorsqu'un mouvement est détecté dans une zone virtuelle désignée

video_audio_analytics_icon_120x120-exit_enter-100x100-1 1

Exit/Enter Detection
Détection d'objets entrant ou sortant d'une zone désignée

video_audio_analytics_icon_120x120-appear-disappear-100x100-1 1

Appear/Disappear Detection
Détecte l'apparition ou la disparition d'un élément dans une zone virtuelle désignée

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Appear/Disappear Detection
Détecte l'apparition ou la disparition d'un élément dans une zone virtuelle désignée

Business analytics to maximize stadium operations

Our license-free business analytics can provide deeper insight into how your business is performing. You can also create customizable analytics zone and event-based alarms for more control.

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Queue Management

 No one wants to miss the action - alleviate long checkout lines by alerting staff when customers are waiting for longer than user-defined amounts of time. Assess self-checkout stations for frictionless, autonomous transactions at registers and fan shops.

Analytics_Heat_Map 1

Heat Map

Evaluates stadium traffic based on visitor density and length of stay. Determine where guests gravitate to and leverage date to optimize advertising placement and way-finding aids.

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Sports Analytics

Every Hanwha Vision stadium security camera has an RTSP stream, allowing you to feed footage into third-party video analysis software to analyze ball movement and player tactics.

Cybersecurity peace of mind

Hanwha Vision stadium security cameras offer the highest cybersecurity possible with unique certificates embedded into every device during each phase of the manufacturing process. This results in a cybersecurity policy that satisfies stringent UL CAP standards as well as our own requirements for product reliability and design innovation.

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Heavy-hitting technology integrations

Hanwha Vision cameras are natively compatible with most popular video management solutions via ONVIF protocol or SUNAPI plug-in drivers. Utilize camera data for autonomous checkout, wait times, heat mapping, AI analytics, and more.

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NDAA compliance

All Hanwha stadium security cameras, components, and systems are NDAA compliant, are manufactured in our own facilities and many qualify for sale under the TAA and 
GSA guidelines.

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Warranty and firmware support

Hanwha Vision warrants to the original purchaser that our products are free from defects for a period of three years, and addresses security vulnerabilities with firmware updates for up to five years.

Let us help you choose the right products for your venue.

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