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Hanwha Vision values your choice to bring potential business to Hanhwa as the source of your professional security needs. Our outstanding, dedicated Inside Sales team strategizes with our sales force so that we can provide cost-effective and state-of-the-art technology IP video solutions to customers. Hanwha’s Project Registration program is second to none, and Inside Sales maintain its health so that the pricing you receive is efficiently and appropriately vetted.

Laura Ascolese

Senior Inside Sales Manager
e-mail. [email protected]
tél. 201.325.6954

Joy Kang

Inside Sales Specialist
Ouest / Centre-Nord
e-mail. [email protected]
tél. 201.325.6952

Beritt Bunton

Inside Sales Supervisor
e-mail. [email protected]
tél. 201.325.6945

Philippe Nelson

Senior Inside Sales Specialist
sud-est / Sud central
e-mail. [email protected]
tél. 201.325.2635

Lissette Rodriguez

Inside Sales Specialist
Canada / Nord-Est
e-mail. [email protected]
tél. 201.325.6927

Allison Borges

Inside Sales Specialist
e-mail. [email protected]
tél. 201.325.2625