Face Mask Detection Application OP-A2FMD-01

Face Mask Detection Application

The a2 Face Mask Detection Application, in partnership with Hanwha is an Artificial Intelligence-based Video Analytics Solution used to instantly detect and intervene for people who do not wear masks in open or closed areas where people come together. Businesses and organizations are exploring ways to re-open whilst safeguarding the health of their staff and visitors. Wearing a mask can provide a much-needed protection against the spread of COVID-19, and has been adopted as a safety measure in many workplaces. Installation and operation is simple. Face Mask detection cameras are placed in the area to be checked and put into operation. The system analyzes the camera stream to detect whether people are wearing a face mask. For the non-masked person, the system captures a picture and video, generates an alarm, and reports to the manager or security staff. The system can be viewed from the camera's web interface, the Wisenet WAVE VMS, or integrated with a variety of other devices. Available for select 2 Megapixel Wisenet X series cameras. A license is required per camera the application is installed on. Suggested replacement solution: Face Mask Detection analytics on select Wisenet P series AI cameras.
Face Mask Detection Application OP-A2FMD-01


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