Hanwha Vision Plug-in for Milestone

VMS Plugin

Hanwha Vision Plug-in for Milestone enables a better experience with the Milestone VMS. It uses detailed object conditions to search for object (person/face/vehicle/license plate/Wisenet Road AI) detection events analyzed by the AI camera in the VMS and playback video. Key features include:
  • Supports AI camera search based on object attributes
  • PTZ special function management (Wiper, Heater, Spinning dry, Auto focus)
  • Sharing of metadata between thermal and nonthermal channels
  • Access the web page of Hanwha cameras from within XProtect's Management Client application
Compatible VMS models
  • Milestone XProtect 2020 R3 (20.3a) or higher
Hanwha Vision Plug-in for Milestone


Hanwha Plugin for Milestone – User Manual v1.04.00
Hanwha Techwin AI Plugin Milestone - Brochure
Hanwha Plugin for Milestone – Client v1.04.00
Hanwha Plugin for Milestone – Server v1.04.00
Hanwha Plugin for Milestone – Release Notes v1.04.00

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