Wall Mount Arm (Ivory)

  • Weight : 1.79Kg (3.95 lb)
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Color : Ivory
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 115.0 x 183.0 x 417.3mm(4.5" x 7.2" x 16.4")
  • Specifications

    SBP-390WM1 / SBP-390WM2 / SBP-390WMW2 Series


    SBP-390WM1 / SBP-390WM2 / SBP-390WMW2 Series Specifications
    SBP-390WM2 Series Manual
    SBP-390WM2 BIM
    Hanwha Techwin America - NDAA Compliant Product List

    Compatible Accessories

    Hanwha Techwin provides a full range of high-quality accessories to complement your system of network video, network audio, and access control products, helping you to create optimal solutions in your day-to-day work.

    55x 2MP IR PTZ
    2MP Outdoor Mini PTZ
    2MP 23x PTZ
    2MP 23x PTZ
    2MP Outdoor Micro PTZ
    SBP-300PM (Discontinued)
    Pole Mount Adapter (Ivory)
    SBP-300KM (Discontinued)
    Corner Mount Adapter (Ivory)
    XNP-6321H (Discontinued)
    32x 2MP Outdoor PTZ
    XNP-6321 (Discontinued)
    32x 2MP Indoor PTZ
    PNM-9030V (Discontinued)
    15MP Panoramic Camera
    PNM-9320VQP (Discontinued)
    5 Channel 4x 2MP / 5MP + 2MP 32x PTZ
    PNM-9000VQ (Discontinued)
    4x 2MP / 5MP Multi-sensor Multi-directional camera
    XNP-6320HS (Discontinued)
    2MP 32x Stainless steel PTZ
    XNP-6320H (Discontinued)
    Network Outdoor PTZ camera
    XNP-6320 (Discontinued)
    Network indoor PTZ camera
    1.3MP HD 23x Network PTZ Dome Camera
    PNM-9081VQ (Discontinued)
    20MP Multi-sensor, multi-directional camera
    SNP-L6233 (Discontinued)
    2MP HD 23x Network PTZ Dome Camera
    XNP-6370RH (Discontinued)
    2MP IR 37x PTZ
    PNP-9200RH (Discontinued)
    4K 20x Network IR PTZ Dome Camera
    PNM-9020V (Discontinued)
    Multi-sensor 180° Panoramic Camera
    SNP-6200RH (Discontinued)
    2MP 1080p Full HD 20x Network IR Dome Camera
    SNP-6320H (Discontinued)
    2MP Full HD 32x Network PTZ Camera
    SNP-6320 (Discontinued)
    2MP Full HD 32x Network PTZ Camera
    SNP-6320RH (Discontinued)
    2MP Full HD 32x Network IR PTZ Dome Camera
    SNP-6321 (Discontinued)
    2MP HD 32x Network PTZ Dome Camera
    SNP-6321H (Discontinued)
    2MP HD 32x Network Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera
    SNP-L6233RH (Discontinued)
    2MP Full HD 23x Network IR PTZ Dome
    PNM-9080VQ (Discontinued)
    8MP Multi-sensor, multi-directional camera

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