5MP AI, IR Wall Mount Panoramic Camera

  • T Series wall mount AI panoramic camera
  • 5MP @ 30 FPS
  • 1.6mm fixed focal lens (HFoV: 175°
  • VFoV: 125°)
  • Triple CODEC (H.265/H.264/MJPEG) with WiseStream III (based on AI engine) support
  • 120dB WDR
  • IR viewable length 15m (49ft),WiseMD based on AI engine
  • Classified object type: Person/Vehicle (vehicle type: car/bus/truck/motorcycle/bicycle);
  • IVA events based on AI engine: Virtual line (Crossing/Direction), Virtual area [Loitering/Intrusion/Enter/Exit/(Dis), Appear], virtual area (intrusion/enter/exit), virtual Line (crossing/ direction)
  • Business analytics: People Counting, Queue Management, Heatmap, Occupancy
  • Tamper detection, built-in mic
  • SD card
  • IP66
  • PoE
  • white color


A new perspective on surveillance

The Hanwha Vision T series wall mount camera gives you an eye-level viewing angle to detect details that might be obstructed when using traditional surveillance mounting positions. The wall mount camera’s panoramic lens provides a nearly 180° field of view while capturing detailed 5MP resolution video for better object identification.

Traditional camera viewing angle, Wall Mount camera viewing angle
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Versatile solution for several industries

Use the T series wall mount cameras for security, customer service, and business intelligence thanks to its innovative design.

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Gas Station

Clearly see people and vehicles entering and exiting.

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Monitor customer activity and take immediate action.

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Maximize efficiency and improve guest experience.

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Detect theft and prevent loss.

Reduce false alarms with AI technology

The Hanwha Vision T series Wall Mount camera comes equipped with AI-based object detection to generate metadata that can be used to streamline forensic search.

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Detect entry, exit or loitering

Set up virtual areas and lines to receive alerts when classified objects or people enter, exit, intrude or loiter in designated locations.

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Gain valuable insights

Utilize built-in people/vehicle counting, queue management and heatmapping to improve customer service and get actionable insights for your business.

Image-Compression 1 (1)

Intelligent bandwidth reduction

Wisestream III technology reduces bandwidth by up to 80% without compromising the video quality, enabling efficient video management.

Get the bigger picture

Featuring sharp 5MP resolution and wide-angle panoramic viewing, the Hanwha Vision T series Wall Mount gives users a vivid view of their establishment without blind spots.

typical view, wall mount view
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Night 1

Optimized viewing at night

Experience superior IR performance, with viewing up to 15 meters and crisp close-up imaging without oversaturation.

Video Quality - Edited 1 (1)

Enhanced WDR

AI-powered wide dynamic range (WDR) and noise reduction technology produces crisp imagery even in challenging lighting.

View Angle 1 (1)

Customize your viewing angle

The wall mount camera’s lens tilt of ±25° allows you to set the perfect field of view.

Listen up

T series wall mount cameras features a built-in microphone allowing users to hear what's going on up close.

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Listen up

T series wall mount cameras features a built-in microphone allowing users to hear what's going on up close.

NDAA compliant

All new Hanwha Vision cameras and devices are fully NDAA compliant 
and meet the highest cybersecurity standards.

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