Wisenet Road AI Application

LPR Application

The Wisenet Road AI LPR Application is a ready-to-go embedded LPR solution included with specific P series camera models. This application is pre-loaded and licensed. This application is provided for software updates only. Note that this application will not install or run on cameras that did not ship with Wisenet Road AI.
Wisenet Road AI Application


Hanwha Vision America - NDAA Compliant Product List
Wisenet Road AI Application v7.27.678.1045

Compatible Accessories

Hanwha Techwin provides a full range of high-quality accessories to complement your system of network video, network audio, and access control products, helping you to create optimal solutions in your day-to-day work.

4K AI LPR Box Camera Kit with IR
4K IR Bullet AI camera with Wisenet Road AI
4K IR Vandal Dome  AI camera with Wisenet Road AI

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