Wisenet SKY Mobile App

Smartphone application for iOS / Android

    Key Features:
  • The Wisenet SKY mobile app is free and available on the app store and Google Play.
  • Easily use the mobile app to add devices and configure key settings or even aim & focus cameras in the field, without the need for a laptop.
  • Technicians can plug into bridge with a cable to configure the unit without the need for a keyboard and monitor.
  • Perform PTZ controls, dewarp fisheye cameras, view maps.
  • View Live and Historical Videos.
  • Adjust Cameras Setting (Full & Preview Video Resolution, Quality, Bit-Rate, Transmit Modes).
  • Access user settings, permissions, cameras they can see, layouts, etc.
  • View analytics, metrics, & more.
  • Shake to access the demo site.
  • Camera location can be recorded from the mobile app for best accuracy.
Wisenet SKY Mobile App


Wisenet SKY VMS User Manual
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