Wisenet Viewer

Light Video Management Software

  • Easy and intuitive UI with tabs and flexible viewing grid
  • Flexible channel division and custom layouts
  • Search and play recorded video from Wisenet NVR/Pentabrid recorders
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Display web pages in video tiles, such as Wisenet ROAD AI dashboards
  • Play media files in video tiles
  • Event trigger and action rule management
  • Log search (Event, System, and Audit)
  • Easy remote connection via DDNS/P2P* (Requires compatible NVR firmware update)
  • Advanced user / permission management
  • Timeline thumbnail preview
  • Multi-timeline
  • LDAP
  • IPv6 (Windows only)
  • SPC-2000 / SPC-2001 integration (Windows, Linux only)
  • PTZ (Swing, Group, Tour, Trace)
  • Playback sync
  • Editable function buttons
  • CPU/Memory usage
  • Device backup/restore security enhancement
  • Ubuntu, Windows, & macOS compatible
Wisenet Viewer Training Videos 
Design your own channel display with the Dynamic layout
Dynamic layout allows users to freely customize the channel display with drag & drop. Users can easily switch the location of each feed and adjust the size of it according to their needs. That customized layout can also be saved for later. Set the best channel display and create the most intuitive monitoring environment.
Simple and easy to control Timeline
Wisenet viewer offers user-friendly UX/UI allowing functions like zoom in/out and scroll controlled easily with mouse. Event search gets easier. Users can set a certain playback section in the timeline to search for events and add bookmarks.
Wisenet Viewer


Wisenet Viewer
DataSheet_Wisenet Viewer
Media > Video streaming protocolRTP/RTSP (UDP/TCP/HTTP/HTTPS)
Media > Video formatH.265, H.264, MJPEG
Media > Video resolutionDepending on the device
Media > DisplayMultiple application on multiple monitors
Media > Audio formatG.711 u-law (PCM), G.726 (ADPCM), AAC, 2-Way audio
Media > Audio controlAudio volume control
Media > DecodingHardware accelerator(NVIDIA CUVID, Intel Quick Sync)
Video > FunctionsPTZ, Fisheye dewarping, Focus, Brightness/Contrast, Crop area, Capture, Show video status
Video > PTZ controlPan, Tilt, Zoom, Preset, Focus control, Swing, Group, Tour, Trace
Video > Live local recordingUp to 2hours, mkv, wnm(Wisenet media file)
Video > Video rotation90º, 180º, 270º
Video > FisheyeFisheye view mode(Original, Single, Quad, Panorama), PTZ
Video > Aspect ratio16:9, 4:3, Stretch/Keep aspect ratio
Video > Change video profileHigh/Low settings only
Video > Video statusResolution, Framerate, Bitrate, Video format, Profile information, Audio format
Playback > Video controlStart/Pause, Forward/Backward speed playback, Previous/Next event, Keyboard shortcut, Playback sync/Indivisual playback
Playback > Playback speed1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256x
Playback > TimelineEvent filter, Bookmark, Thumbnail, Multi timeline(up to 64)
Playback > ExportUp to 24hours, Single/Multi channel export, mkv, wnm(Wisenet media file with standalone player), Encryption password(wnm format only), Digital signature
Playback > Search modeCalendar, Timeline, Event, AI, Bookmark, Smart search
Video tile > Tile patternFlexible grid(Zoom in/out, Drag), Auto fit, Keyboard shortcut
Video tile > Supported typeChannel, Media file, Browser
Video tile > Media fileImage : jpeg, png, jpg, bmp Video : avi, mkv, mp4, wnm(Wisenet media file), SEC
Video tile > BrowserWeb page
Video tile > LayoutMulti-tab, Layout management, Layout sequence
Event > NotificationDevice analytics events, Device system events
Event > Event ruleCombine Event trigger, Event action, Event schedule, and duration
Event > Event TriggerDevice analytics events, Device system events (Wisenet viewer supports events that device support only.)
Event > Event ActionPriority alarm, Open the layout, Alarm output, E-mail
Event > Device analytics eventsMotion detection, Video analytics (Passing, Intrusion, Entering, Exiting, Appearing, Disappearing, Loitering), Tampering detection, Face detection, Defocus detection, Fog detection, Audio detection, Audio analytics (Scream, Gunshot, Explosion, Crashing), Auto tracking, Video loss, Alarm in, Dynamic event
Event > Device system eventsPower status, Fan status, Recording status, Setting change, System status
Device > Supported devicesWisenet NVR / DVR (SUNAPI v2.3.1 or later)
Device > Supported controllerSPC-2000, SPC-2001
Device > MaintenanceViewing the device settings (device webpage), Updating the device firmware, Backup/Restore devices settings, Change devices password
UserAssign permission/device/layout to user group, LDAP
LogEvent log, System log, Audit log, Export log data to file (CSV)
System settingsBackup/Restore/Reset Wisenet Viewer settings
MaintenanceSoftware update notification
LanguageTotal 23 languages Support English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Polish, Czech, Serbian, Romanian, Portuguese, Dutch, Croatian, Hungarian, Greek, Taiwanese, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian
Max channelsUp to 3000 channels (no limitations in s/w)
Max DDNS/P2P channelsUp to 128 channels
Max channels per layoutUp to 64 channels
System requirement > RecommendedCPU: Intel i7-11700 2.5GHz or faster RAM: 16 GB above, Video Memory 1GB above HDD: Performance SSD, 128GB higher VGA: NVIDIA T600 (OpenGL 2.1 support is required) LAN: 1GB NIC recommended Display Resolution : 1366X768 above, OpenGL compatible
System requirement > MinimumCPU: Intel i3 or faster RAM: 4 GB higher HDD: 128GB higher VGA: 512MB higher (OpenGL 2.1 support is required) LAN: 1GB NIC recommended Display Resolution : 1366X768 above, OpenGL compatible
System requirement > Operating systemWindows 8.1/10/11 64bit, macOS 11/12/13, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS/22.04 LTS


DataSheet_Wisenet Viewer
Wisenet Viewer Specifications
Wisenet Viewer User Manual
Wisenet Viewer CMS One Pager
Hanwha Techwin America - NDAA Compliant Product List
Wisenet Viewer Open Source License
OpenSourceLicense_Wisenet Viewer_v1.05
Release Notes_Wisenet Viewer_v1.05
Wisenet Viewer Windows Software v1.05.00
Wisenet Viewer macOS Software v1.05.00
Wisenet Viewer Ubuntu Software v.1.05.00

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