RMA Defective Product

If a product is determined to be defective by Hanwha’s technical support staff and the unit was purchased from a Hanwha Strategic Distributor within the past thirty (30) days, the unit can be returned to the distributor for replacement. Your distributor will be glad to assist you with eligibility validation and the return/replacement process.

In the event that you did not purchase the product directly from a Hanwha Strategic Distributor, please contact your place of purchase and ask them to work with the Hanwha Distributor.

If you meet the below requirements please contact the Hanwha Distributor you purchased the product from.


  1. Must be defective. New stock and “buyer’s remorse” units are not eligible for return.
  2. Purchased is within the thirty (30) day eligibility period.
  3. Must be in original carton and include all accessories.
  4. Has not been physically damaged (see the warranty exclusion section of the Hanwha warranty statement).

Return for Credit

Hanwha Distributors. Please login to the Partner Portal to complete your return for credit.

View our Product Warranty Statement