Intercom Security Systems

Optimized video quality and wide FoV for your entrance

TID-600R features a 2 megapixel sensor with Hanwha Vision’s signature Wide Dynamic Range and low light performance for best-in-class images.


Wide Field of View for a wide range of applications

TID-600R has a wide field of view, 180° horizontal and 114° vertical. Making it suitable for various applications as it can capture from 14.2 inches (36cm) to 100.4 inches (255cm) tall objects. (When an object is 29.5 inches away from the station)


Strong 150dB WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

Our signature WDR technology built into the TID-600R helps to produce clear images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas. It compensates the backlight and delivers clear view of objects in the scene.


16.4ft (5m) IR viewable length

TID-600R’s IR provides up to 16.4ft (5m) of illumination from the station at night securing clear visibility of objects even in complete darkness (0 lux).


Full duplex two-way talk with clear sound

With Full duplex two-way communication, echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, the built-in speaker and microphone provide excellent call clarity with up to 85 decibel of volume at 20 inches.


Touchless call as an essential post COVID-19 safety protocol

The ToF sensor in the TID-600R allows for a touchless call, where users simply present their palm within 6 inches of the station to initiate a call. A touchless system is getting more important especially when there’s highly contagious diseases and outbreaks. 


Full support for SIP 2.0

With full support for SIP 2.0, the station can easily integrate with a wide variety of VMS, access control, SIP phones or PBX servers.

Various mounting options for a greater versatility

TID-600R is designed to be used at various business areas. Its small and slim from factor and contemporary product design offer both style and functionality. With multiple mounting options, covers and skin, it fits perfectly with its surroundings.

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