Save more while saving more.

WiseStream III Demo Video

AI-based smart compression technology: Reduce data size while retaining image quality of meaningful objects

The widespread adoption of high-quality video equipment is augmenting the video data size, highlighting the importance and necessity of data reduction. Efficient network streaming and data saving require ‘video compression’ that reduces data size while maintaining image quality of meaningful objects such as humans and vehicles.

Hanwha Vision’s WiseStreamⅢ is an AI-driven technology that effectively retains high video quality at low data size. The technology enables users to efficiently process more high-quality footage without installing additional network and storage devices.

Define importance of objects in the scene, Apply different compression rates accordingly

Powered by AI, WiseStreamⅢ identifies major objects and selectively applies compression rates depending on the significance of objects in the video, and WiseStreamⅡ analyzes motion in video and applies different compression rates on static and dynamic areas in the video for bandwidth reduction.

Hanwha Vision’s enhanced compression technology significantly reduces the data size and bandwidth while maintaining the original image quality of significant objects; humans and vehicles.