Hanwha Vision’s SightMind Software: Making Security Devices More Efficient and Intelligent


It’s no secret that every form of technology is getting smarter, especially with the spread of Artificial Intelligence (AI) putting the data we need to live our personal and professional lives right at our fingertips. Surveillance technology is no exception, moving beyond being tactical technologies and emerging as business solutions.

That’s the concept behind Hanwha Vision’s SightMind software: harnessing the data that is already being generated by the analytics in our cameras, processing the metadata and presenting it with customizable widgets and charts in a visualized dashboard. This ultimately provides valuable insights to help businesses make better informed and intelligent business decisions.

Companies across every industry are realizing the potential of data as a valuable asset to help steer their operations in the right direction. According to the research firm Gartner, most businesses increasingly prefer data-driven decision-making to intuition-based decision-making, likely accounting for the data analytics market’s forecasted annual growth of nearly 30%.

Adopting data-driven models has proven to show spikes in productivity, enhanced employee satisfaction, customer experiences and overall efficiencies.

From Hanwha’s perspective, these trends coincide perfectly with the technological evolution of our cameras and related devices. Our cameras have become more than sources of surveillance footage. The data they gather, and the associated metadata, are delivering value far beyond effective security and monitoring.

When you add the power of analytics to the same cameras monitoring a property or business, customers are able to do people-counting, heatmap creation, body temperature detection, object detection, license plate recognition, and more -- all sources of potentially invaluable business data.

Of course, data alone without context is meaningless. This new software not only delivers the right data; it helps users visualize, interpret it, apply it.

If organizations can learn to use their data effectively, then they can leverage meaningful and actionable insights into every aspect of their operations. Imagine a vision solutions ecosystem that’s smart enough to monitor itself and alert you when an incident arises.

Set to launch in the fall of 2023 as a pilot program with selected users, SightMind software is the direct result of Hanwha building on its advancements in AI. We can deploy existing solutions in new “smart” applications across a range of vertical markets and customer applications by storing, analyzing, and visualizing metadata from AI cameras and other devices.

It’s the way of the future and it’s already happening. Many vehicles, homes and businesses already have some level of smart technology and automation currently in use. That trend will only accelerate through the increased use of connected devices with Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, more sophisticated mobile devices, and autonomous technologies for consumer and professional applications.

The first three “smart” markets we’ve identified as having the highest potential use for this business intelligence are retail, manufacturing, and cities. However, the potential applications in other markets are essentially limitless since any of the available widgets can be mixed and matched for any particular business running the Business Insight solution.

Smart Retail

It’s easy to grasp how retail stores can benefit from this level of business insights. With varying customer traffic patterns at all hours, and merchandise displays that must match seasonal and regional demographics, analyzing store operations can be a constant work in progress.

Using data-driven business intelligence, retailers are able to understand how effective their advertising is; or if materials were more impactful outside or inside the front entrance. If they’ve recently deployed digital signage, they can determine how many people are coming into the store now compared to when the signage wasn’t in place. Queue management widgets can also track average wait time and the number of people in each queue in real time.

With this type of software, retailers are effectively analyzing traffic counts, developing merchandise floor plans, efficiently allocating staff personnel, and achieving higher sales conversion rates.

Smart Cities

For cities, use cases are wide-ranging: transportation systems and traffic management to ease congestion or detect which hours are busiest and may need carpool lanes or extra lanes opened or closed. Traffic and parking data can be provided to government agencies allowing solutions to be proposed for safety/traffic management and immediate response scenarios. Other use cases include license plate recognition, vehicle counting by type, speed detection, traffic flow analysis, traffic violation and accident detection and parking lot management.

Smart Factories

In a manufacturing facility, key issues are productivity, personnel, and safety management. Individual factories often have a defined number of people that must be operating within a facility at specific times. With SightMind, managers can easily determine if more or fewer workers are needed on certain shifts and quickly make the necessary adjustments. They can also manage worker safety in real time, for example, “slip and fall” detection, monitoring restricted area access, and gauging compliance to safety protocols including the proper use of helmets and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Notifications are visible on the dashboard accompanied by a video clip related to the incident.

The data is viewable through a customizable dashboard and users can easily create rule-based widgets to track the data that is most relevant to their operations, or that aligns with their top business priorities. For example, in a Smart Factory, a useful widget would be for loading dock management; counting the number of vehicles entering and exiting and how long each spent at a dock, as well as which docks are most heavily used or under-used.

Hanwha Vision is committed to helping customers get the most out of this software, offering training and support as well as a defined plan for hosting the software for customers on a managed service basis, working together with organizations to create the right vision for them.

This new software is a perfect example of our recent rebranding to Hanwha Vision: building on our core security products expertise to deliver the most comprehensive set of security, surveillance, and analytics capabilities for any business.

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About Hanwha Vision

Hanwha Vision (formerly Hanwha Techwin) has been leading the global video surveillance industry with world-class optical design, image processing and cybersecurity technologies for more than 30 years. As it broadens its business to become a global vision solution provider, Hanwha Vision will deliver more valuable and meaningful insights to customers by collecting key information and providing big data analytics utilizing AI and cloud technologies.

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